Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I had another good practice at Jodo last night. Well, not bad. I was practicing with a young-ish Japanese guy who is pretty good. But he had that full-on Japanese humility thing going, so when I asked him to tell me what my bad points were, he hemmed and hawed and wouldn't tell me anything directly. When he finally did give me some pointers, they were so incredibly vague and hesitant that I couldn't understand him. "So... which one is the good technique?" "Well, this one is perhaps in some sense somewhat better than the other one, maybe, in my opinion but not necessarily the case..." Okaaaaaayyyy...

After practice I felt tired but at lot better than usual. (Usually I look like a zombie as I shuffle my way home, groaning incoherently.) But the one thing that was bothering me was a persistent pain in my knees. Usually it's iaido that bothers my knees, so that's a bit worrisome. I was reminded of a report I saw recently about how overweight people are WAY more likely to have knee problems than normal people. (Big surprise there.) So it seems that there is yet another reason to lose weight. Wow. Is there anything good about being overweight, except the obvious fact that it is (Fat Bastard voice:) incredibly SEXAY???


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