Friday, March 09, 2007

More Coincidences

Well, this isn't so much a coincidence as just blind, dumb luck. I was doing some research about swordsmiths in Tokyo and it turns out that I live very close to Yoshihara Yoshindo, Yoshihara Shoji, Sato Yoshiaki, and Oda Kuzan. Well, close is a matter of perspective; let's say a 15 minute bike ride. Takano Yukimitsu is also not very far away. Since I have no way of contacting any of them through "proper channels", I may just see if I can do the "clueless gaijin" thing and swing by their workshops and perhaps corner them for a chat. They may have a storefront nearby, which would be a lot less awkward. The point is, I believe some of these guys offer workshops where you can make a tanto over the course of a weekend. I have always wanted to try the same kind of thing in Ontario at the Summer Sword School, but for one reason or another haven't been around, or haven't had money, or haven't had time, etc. etc. I'm only in Tokyo for another month, so it's quite likely that I won't be able to, but if I can ... wheeeee!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how'd your attempt to meet Yoshindo Yoshihara and the other smiths go? I read The Craft of the Japanese Sword back in 1985 and have been a fan of his works ever since. To bad he's so good that I can't afford to purchase a sword from him or at least the ones made after he was given the rank of Mukansa smith in 1982. If only I was single and a lot younger, I'd certainly have tried to become an apprentice.

Robert Marsh

7:33 AM  
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