Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tokyo Iaido Taikai

The beginning of April was cherry blossom season. Everywhere I went, it seemed there were beautiful trees in full bloom. This is a view down the main street near my apartment.

Even a drab cityscape looks really nice for this 2-week period.

April 17th was the 48th Tokyo Iaido Tournament. At my new job, I have to work Saturday mornings, but I was informed that the morning was the team tournament, and the afternoon the individual tournament. I thought I might be able to make the afternoon, so I signed up.

Long story short: I rushed to get there, and didn't make it. Damn. It seems like these stupid misadventures are always happening to me. At least I was able to take a few pictures before going home in disgust.

This is the rather imposing view that competitors get to see as they draw.

Here are some 7th- and 8th-Dan Sensei from the final demonstrations.

Jodoka should all know Kaminoda Sensei, who is also an 8th-dan in iaido. The last time I posted a picture of him, somebody wrote a comment saying, "That's not Kaminoda Sensei." Well, sorry, it is - he's just stopped dying his hair.


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