Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Practicing? Not much. Eating? Hell yeah!

Does this even qualify as a "budo" post?  Only marginally.  Went to a ramen shop the other day called "Noodle Shop: Musashi Niten".  The whole place was done up in a Miyamoto Musashi motif, from the front sign, with its two neon-lit swords...

To the curtain outside, with a nice little picture of Musashi leaping over Sasaki's cut to clock him on the noggin.

Here's a picture of the bowl of noodles I got.  You can see that even the counters have a Musashi / Sasaki motif, plus the crossed swords on the spoon.  Bowl had a design too.

The pun in the name (or in the menu, I suppose) is that you can get two kinds of tempura, hence "Ni Ten", with your noodles.  Mine came with chicken and pork.  Healthy!  I'm sure Musashi would approve.

So how was it?  Decor was awesome, and the service was great. (I really envied the staff their cool Musashi Niten t-shirts; apparently the shop did a collaboration with clothing giant UniQlo a couple years ago and sold a small number of the shirts.  Too bad I missed that!)  Unfortunately, the ramen was not amazing, but a lot of that is just down to personal tastes.  You might like it.  Apparently it's a chain, so you can find their shops throughout Tokyo.

So is this blog turning into a food review Blog?  Probably not ... I just needed something to ease me back into writing!  Sorry for the long absence; hopefully more soon.


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mummm ramen..

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