Thursday, June 09, 2005

10 Fingers

So last week I practiced with my shinken without incident. I was a bit nervous because it was the first time I've used a shinken, but of course I had nothing to worry about. It was a bit heavy, though... my cuts really wobbled at the end (more so than usual, even!)

The old and somewhat senile sensei came over and started correcting me, grabbing hold of my sword and everything. I was a bit scared that he would cut himself, and I was just about to interrupt him and say, "Sensei, be careful! It's a shinken!" but I hesitated because I thought he might say, "I already know that, you idiot!" or something... anyway, it was fine, but I was kind of tense there for a second.

But the whole reason I used the shinken was because that drunken fool from the previous week was so certain that I would cut myself because of my "faulty noto", and I didn't! So that sure showed him! Ha! Okay, actually, I don't think he noticed one way or the other...

Anyway, I went back to using my iaito this week because it's so much lighter (and it makes such a nice, overpoweringly loud Swoosh sound!)... So during koryu practice (with The Drunk watching me very closely, of course) what did I go and do? Stabbed myself in the palm of my hand between my thumb and forefinger! I didn't look right away, but tried to be nonchalant... sneak a peak down... oh, it's bleeding all right! Bleeding like a stuck pig I am... Okay, slip the hand up to your mouth, pretend to wipe the sweat off your lip, but actually lick the blood off. Wipe the hand on your keikogi...okay... now hope your hand's not too slippery to hold the saya...

I guess I deserve it somehow for being too conceited to think that *maybe I am* doing something wrong with my noto.

After class, The Drunk (I really need a better name for him don't I?) showed me his custom-made shinken. Absolutely beautiful sword, perfect balance, really flashy gunome-choji hamon. Just the sort of thing we all covet because we think somehow it will magically make our iaido better! Sighhhh... and I'm guilty of it too.