Sunday, October 09, 2005


Boy, am I ever dumb... when I was packing, I took my 3-dan IAIDO certificate and not my 3-dan JODO certificate... so I guess I won't be able to grade for 4th dan, at least not at the grading in 2 weeks in Tokyo. Hmmm. I'm kind of mad at myself, but at the same time I think it's important to remember all that stuff we say about how grades don't matter, and then to actually BELIEVE it! There are too many people who are obsessed with their grades, unfortunately...

On Friday night at Jodo class, there were a few people I had never met before (because I rarely attend on Fridays). One was a young woman who was getting ready to challenge her 3rd dan. She was really, really sharp! Much better than me, I would say. I found out later that she is a member of her university's Jodo club, and that she practices every day, pretty much. Well, that would explain it! The other new guy was obviously a jodo beginner but he handled the tachi side with such obvious confidence and skill that after 5 seconds I knew he must have a high grade in some other martial art(s); sure enough, he is a high-ranking kendo player. I was secretly pleased with myself that I could see that fact so readily. (I'm polishing my finger nails on my shirt right now...)

So anyway, even when we go through periods where maybe we think we are being really dedicated budoka (kind of rare for me lately, but anyway...) we should remember that there is always somebody training way harder than we are. And, a second lesson: even when we meet somebody we think is a beginner, there is a good chance that they are an expert in some other art and they could teach us much more than we could teach them. Take that!

Next week is the All-Japan Iaido Championships in Chiba ... I hope it will be a chance to do some drinking with Namitome Sensei afterwards! I'm really, really looking forward to it.


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Hi Jeff.

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I'm commenting so that you know that someone is actually reading your blogs.

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P.S. Any updates on that "Jerky" character?

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