Saturday, October 15, 2005

Jerky Update!

Almost forgot to mention: I went out for drinks with some folks after iai practice, including Jerky. I guess he wasn't banned after the last time. There were a few funny moments.

-him trying to get a rise out of me (I think) by saying, "You do number 11 all wrong! Eh? It's wrong! It's definitely wrong! You stop the sword here! You see? You're not supposed to! That's completely wrong!" etc. etc. I just smiled the biggest, widest smile I could manage and said, "Yes, you're quite right!" and that really seemed to disappoint him. He was in the mood for an argument but there was just nowhere to go from there.

-Fukuchi sensei then telling me not to worry, because I was definitely ready to pass 5th dan as long as I just continued doing what I was doing in class. Jerky looked kind of sad at this point.

-Jerky mentioning that he was ordering a new sword to be made with a fancy carving on both sides of the blade. Everyone laughed at him because he has so much money to throw around on ostentatious things like swords with decorative carvings in them. Then Fukuchi told him that swords with carvings are weaker than plain blades and that, besides, iaido should be done with a "plain" sword that doesn't try to attract attention to itself. He looked even more miserable here.

Also, speaking of ostentatious, I saw a lot of sensei at the All-Japans who obviously have more money than they know quite what to do with; so many of them were sporting outfits costing well over $2000; sword-bags made completely of sharkskin; Louis Vuitton luggage; not to mention their swords and everything that were probably astronomically expensive. Sigh... Here's a picture of some 9th-dan's just to remind us what iai is supposed to be about. You can't take it with ya!


Blogger Zambo said...

Hi Jeff.

Although it's not a beheading, I'm glad to hear that "Jerky" is not happy. ("Rome" is one of my favourite shows of late...The last few episodes have featured several decapitations)...

Anyhow, I hope that things are going well these days...It seems that the photos are working well in the blogs...

Take Care.

Your Pal,


2:46 PM  
Blogger BeatDogg said...

Dude, I have the perfect solution to your Jerky problem: the next time he criticizes you, whip out your kendo book and find the stance/strike/whatever he is criticizing (I don't know how close iaido and kendo are)... then, in a loud voice, ask him, "Ïs this what you mean? Or this? Oh, where'd I get this book? Well, it's a book that I WROTE!!! HAVE YOU EVER WRITTEN A BOOK ABOUT ANYTHING, YOU ARROGANT PIECE OF FUNGUS?? NO??? THEN SHUT THE HELL UP!!! AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!"Then stab him with something sharp. Then feed his body to stray dogs or homeless guys.

12:10 PM  

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