Saturday, April 07, 2007

Never Blog When You're Angry

After a crazy, hectic couple weeks, I'm back in Beppu. One of the things I managed to get around to doing when I was in Tokyo was to buy a new dougi - both top and bottom. I went with Ms. Ueda from the dojo (she has been really kind to me) to Mori Budogu, not too far from the dojo. They measured me and decided that I would need a custom-made set. I ordered rather good-quality, and they kindly knocked a lot off the price for me.

A couple weeks later, my dogi was delivered to the dojo. I knew it was coming, so I didn't bring my usual uniform; I figured I would wear my new set and then not have to lug 2 sets home with me. It was absolutely ENORMOUS on me. Maybe they mis-measured me, or maybe they just thought "Wow, this guy was huge ... better add 5 cm on all the measurements just to make sure it fits him." Even wearing my obi above my navel, and tying the hakama over top of that, the hems still dragged along the floor. In addition, it hadn't been washed, and was so stiff that it stood out from my body like it was made of cardboard. (I don't need to mention the fact that I ended up completely blue, either.)

Anyway, everyone took pains to tell me how good it looked on me, and assured me that it would be okay once it was washed, because it would shrink down to size. Ms. Ueda even offered to wash it for me, to set the indigo dye properly.

Well, I only had a chance the next week to pop my head into the dojo, say hello and collect my dogi, and then say goodbye. Then, I was busy packing, and moving. I finally had a chance to unpack today, and try it on. It hasn't shrunk a bit! So, now what?? I'm out $200+ for a dogi that's too large for me, unless I can shrink it further somehow. Any ideas?

I'm so angry and frustrated right now. (It hasn't been a good week.) Wearing your hakama around your short ribs might maybe be borderline acceptable (although ridiculous looking) in jodo or kendo, but it is completely unacceptable to have your sword up by your nipples if you're doing iai. How could they have screwed up so badly? I can't take it back to them; I won't be back in Tokyo until at least August. And besides, I know exactly what they'll say: "Oh, no, no, it fits you perfectly!" which is what everyone was nervously saying in the dojo the first time I wore it, despite the fact that it was obviously way too large. Aaaaaaaarrrrgh!

I don't deal very well with disappointment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man that sucks! I am going to be visiting Tokyo in November and was planning on buying a set of Mori Budogu's M-1500 bogu. I wanted to get my next set directly from the makers since my first internet bought set didn't fit me properly. Please keep me informed as to what they are doing to fix the error in size!

4:20 PM  
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